Where to find your Market Basket deals of the week

I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, but I have discovered that some of the main stream blogs are beginning to cover the deals at Market Basket (which was one of the main reasons I began this blog in the first place.)  That was the main store for which I thought there was a lack of sale information.  Here are resources that I now use to find any coupon match-ups or deals that I’ve missed:

Maven of Savin  (Search for Market Basket)


Money Saving Mom


Market Basket Sale 9/25/11 – 10/1/11

If you want to know if there’s a coupon for something, you can search on Deal Seeking Mom’s coupon database HERE.

There are not a lot of coupon match-ups that I can see, but there are still some good deals.  Don’t forget to look through your coupons this week to see if any are expiring on the 30th that you want to use!


Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.99/lb. (save $1)

Center Cut Bone In Pork Chops $1.99/lb. (save $.90/lb.)

Semi-Boneless Rib Eye Delmonico Steaks $5.99/lb.  (save $1/lb.)

Fresh Large Eggs 2/$3 (save $.39 ea.)

Thomas’ Bagels 2/$4 (save $2.59 ea.)

Willowbrook Farms Fancy Turkey Breast $3.59/lb. (save $1.40/lb.)

Maxwell House Coffee 33-34.5 oz. $7.99 (save $2)

Land O Lakes American Cheese – White, 2%, Yellow, Pre-Sliced $3.99/lb. (save $1/lb.)  {Use $1/1lb. coupon exp. 9/30/11}

Uno Cheese  or Pepperoni  Pizza 3/$10 (save $3.65 ea.)

Snapple 6 Pack  $3.99 (save $3)

Avacado $.99 ea. (save $.50)

Broccoli Crowns $.89/lb. (save $.40)

Campbell’s Soups :  Chunky 4/$5 (save $1.25), Chunky Healthy Request, 4/$5 (save $1.25), Select Harvest 4/$5 (save $1.25), Soup at Hand 4/$5 (save $.25), Chunky or Select Harvest Bowls 2/$4 (save $.50), Chicken Noodle or Tomato 5/$3 (save $.40)  Click here for a list of current Campbell’s coupons.

Yoplait Delights 2/$4 (save $.69/ea.)  {Use $1/2 coupon exp. 11/5/11 from 9/11 General Mills insert}

Philadelphia Cooking Cream 2/$3 (save $.50 ea.)

Chobani Greek Yogurt $1.99 (save $.70)

Brussel Sprouts $1.99/lb. (save $1)

Organic Greenhouse Cluster Tomatoes on the vine $1.99/lb. (save $1/lb.)

MB Hearty Breads 2/$3 (save $.50)

Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergent 62.5-75 oz. $2.99 (save $2)  {Use $1/2 coupon exp 11/1/11 from SmartSource 9/18/11 insert}

Weight Watchers Smart Ones as low as $1.20 each at Stop and Shop

I rarely shop at Stop and Shop because there isn’t one very close to me, but I had to go get this deal this week!  My husband often takes Smart Ones to work for lunch so we can go through a lot of them.  They cost $2 – $2.50 each on average.

This week at Stop and Shop they are on sale (almost all varieties except the bagged ones) for 5/$10 PLUS an additional $2.50 off instantly when you buy 5.  Here’s how to get them for as low as $1.20 each!

Buy 10 @ 5/$10 = $20

Less $2.50 instant savings x2 = $-5

Use $3/10 coupon from Smartsource 8/7/11 insert = $-3

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

$12 for 10 or $1.20 each!

If you don’t have this coupon saved, you can still get a great deal.  Print some of the printable coupons HERE.

Market Basket Sale 9/11/11 – 9/17/11

I’m MUCH more excited about this week’s sale than last week’s.  There are a few really good deals to be had!

If you want to know if there’s a coupon for something, you can search on Deal Seeking Mom’s coupon database HERE.

Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster $.89/lb. (save $.30)

MB Pasta $.79

Ragu Pasta Sauce 2/$3 (save $.50 ea) {Use $1/2 coupon exp. from 9/11/11 Redplum}

Country Kitchen Soft Italian Bread $.99 (SAVE $2.80!)

Broccoli Crowns $.99/lb. (save $.30)

Cheez-It $2.99 (save $.50)

SAVE $5 INSTANTLY (via In-Store Coupon) WHEN YOU BUY 5 PARTICIPATING GENERAL MILLS PRODUCTS: (Note: the in-store coupon CAN be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons.)

  • Select GM Cereal 2/$4 (save $1 ea.) {Many coupons available online [coupons.com] and from newspapers}
  • Bisquick $2.99 (save $1.50) {Use $.50/1 coupon exp. 9/27 from 8/19/11 General Mills insert}
  • Gold Medal Flour $1.99 (save $.90)
  • Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers 2/$4 (save $1 ea.)  {Use $1/1 coupon exp. 10/1 from 8/19 General Mills insert plus others HERE}
  • Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce 2/$4 (save $.38) See link above for Old El Paso coupons
  • Old El Paso Taco Dinner Kit 2/$4 (save $.50 ea.)  See link above for Old El Paso coupons
  • Betty Crocker Potato Buds 2/$5 (save $.89 ea.)
  • Betty Crocker Brownie Mix 2/$4 (save $.49 ea.) {Use $.75/2 from multiple sources SEE HERE}
  • Progresso Chix Broth 2/$3 (save $.50 ea.)


Oscar Meyer Bacon and Center Cut Bacon $3.99 (save $1)

Shadybrook 93% Ground Turkey $2.59 (save $.50)

Fage Greek Yogurt $2.99 (save $1.00)

Cedar’s Hommus Dip $2.99 (save $1)

New England Coffee 3/$12 (save $1.99 ea.)

Pam Cooking Spray 2/$5 (save $.49 ea.)

Grande Tortilla Chips 2/$3 (save $1.49 ea.)  {Use a $1/1 exp. 12/31/11 from 9/11/11 paper}

Green Beans $.99 / lb. (save $.30/lb.)

Romaine Lettuce $.79 (save $.50)

Freihofer’s Country Breads 2/$3 (save $2.49)

HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!  Fiber One Bread  2/$3 – You will NOT see a better price (save $2.54 ea.) PLUS {Use a $1/1 or $1/2 coupon – Can’t find which papers they came from, but I hope you have them too.  Fiber One bread for $.50???  Are you kidding me??!!}

Market Basket Sale 8/28/11 – 9/3/11

If you want to know if there’s a coupon for something, you can search on Deal Seeking Mom’s coupon database HERE.

Boneless strip sirloin steak $5.49/lb. (save $2.50/lb.)

Sara Lee Turkey Breast $4.99/lb. (Save $2/lb.)  {Use $1/.5lb. coup. exp. 9/30 from Redplum 8/7/11.  An extra hint: If you’re going to get a pound, ask the deli to split it into two portions of 1/2 lb. each which will allow you to use 2 coupons.}

Dunkin Donuts Coffee $5.99 (save $2)

Tropicana OJ 2/$5 (save $.49 ea.)

Cantaloupe $.99 ea.  (This is about as good as it gets for cataloupe.)

Land O’ Lakes American Cheese $3.79/lb.  (save $1.20/lb.)  {use $1/1lb. coup. exp. 9/30 from 8/7/11 Smartsource}

Select General Mills Cereals 2/$5  (save $.50 ea.) {Multiple coupons HERE}

Progresso Soups 4/$5 (save $1.25 ea.) {Use $1/4 coup. exp 10/1 from 8/7/11 General Mills}

Betty Crocker Cake Mixes 3/$3 (save $.29 ea.)

Yoplait Yogurt Delights 4 Pack $1.69 (save $.91)  {Use $.50/1 coup. exp. 10/1 from 8/7/11 General Mills}

Cabot Sale: Butter Quarters 2/$5, Cheddar Bars 2/$4, Whipped Cream 2/$3, Cheese Shreds 2/$4, Cheddar Slices 2/$5

Lean Cuisine Entrees 4/$10 (save $.39 ea.)

Freschetta Pizza 2/$9 (save $1.49 ea.)  {Print $1/1 coupon HERE}

Wanchai Ferry Asian meals $4.99 (save $1.50)

Prince Pasta 5/$5 (save $.25 ea.)

Miracle Whip $2.99 (save $1)

MB canned Peaches or pears $.99 (save $.51)

Seedless Grapes $1.49/lb. (save $.50/lb.)

Sweet Red Peppers $1.49/lb. {Buy these now to chop and freeze for when they’re much more expensive in the winter!}

Thomas’ English Muffins 2/$3 (save up to $2.29 ea.)

Market Basket Sale 7/24/11 – 7/30/11

There aren’t too  many exciting sales at Market Basket again this week, but here are the sales that I think are the best:

If you want to know if there’s a coupon for something, you can search on Deal Seeking Mom’s coupon database HERE.

93% Extra Lean ground beef $2.99/lb. (save $.40)  – With beef prices as high as they are, there haven’t been too many sales on the 93% lean.

Tostitos Scoops 2/$5 (save $1.79 each)

Broccoli Crowns $.99/lb. (save $.30/lb.)

Large variety of dog and cat food on sale

Cabot Brand Sale: Cottage Cheese 2/$3, Butter 2/$5, Cheddar Bars 2/$4, Sour cream $1.19, Whipped cream 2/$3, American Singles 2/$4, Cheese Shreds 2/$4, Cheddar slices 2/$4

Better ‘N Eggs $2.99 (save $1)

MB “Tastes like butter” $.99 (save $.40)

Prince Pasta 5/$5 (save $.25 each) {**The picture shows Ronzoni Garden Delight as well.  If it is included, it would be free with the $1/1 coupon exp 9/10 from Smartsource 5/15}

Seedless Cucumber $.99 (save $.30)

Green Beans $.99/lb. (save $.50/lb.)

Market Basket Sale 7/10/11 – 7/16/11

Here are the deals for this week at Market Basket that I think are the best:  (This is not a great week, but there are a few good prices. Not many good coupon match-ups, though.)

**If you need to know which newspaper a coupon was in, you can find it HERE in DealSeekingMom’s Coupon Database.**

Dunkin Donuts Coffee $5.99 (save $1)

Chicken Breast Cutlets $2.99/ lb. (save $.90/lb.)

Thin and Trim Deli Meat Turkey $4.99/lb. (Save $1)

Bananas $.39/lb. (save $.10)

Cauliflower 2/$4 (save $1 each)

Solid White Tuna 5/$5 (save $.25 each)

Edy’s Ice Cream 2/$5 (save $.79 each)

Fage Greek Yogurt 17.6 oz. $2.99 (save $1)

Bing Cherries $2.99/lb. (save $1)

Country Kitchen Scotch Oatmeal Bread 2/$4 (save $1.79 each)

Fiber One Hamburger or Hotdog Buns 2/$4 (save $.99 each)